The next big (cartoon) thing

October 19th, 2006

The Cartoon Network is calling for cartoon ideas and characters which they can turn into world premiere animated short films.

I nominate Dümmerth (powered by BARNABY).

Submissions forms are available HERE.

What say you, BARNABY??

Capsule Endoscopy

October 18th, 2006

You know those miniature video camera capsules you can swallow to examine the inside of your gut as they travel through? Sounds much more pleasant than drinking barium or having a barium enema, right?

This article in eMJA — Initial experience with capsule endoscopy at a major referral hospital – describes the process:

Patients fasted from midnight, and in the morning swallowed the capsule endoscope with a glass of water mixed with simethicone (1mL), which helps eradicate small bubbles in the small bowel. After 8 hours, patients returned to have the recording equipment removed.

They don’t elaborate further. One can only imagine . . .

Dog Bog Blog Post from Marrickvillia

October 18th, 2006

If people aren’t going to clean up after their dogs, doing THIS is the next best thing:

Political Poo Art (from Meredith’s MARRICKVILLIA blog).

Heads up

October 17th, 2006

Monarch cake shop (Acland Street, St Kilda) now sells its famous chocolate kugelhopf by the slice. The plum cake too.

That is all.

Marysville & the Yarra Valley

October 17th, 2006

We’ve just spent the weekend poking our noses around Marysville, Buxton, Healesville and all places Yarra Valley. I could be wrong but I think it’s my first trip beyond the city limits in about 6 months and I’m so happy to be well enough at the moment to do a small jaunt like this one.

We stayed just out of Marysville at a cottage within burbling distance of the river, along the road to Steavensons Falls.

I’d almost forgotten how lusciously earthy the world can smell; the real world of fern tendrils, humus, understorey and wet bark.

Other things very much enjoyed were:

  • The wonderfully confusing sensation on my outstretched and upturned bare arm of a rosella’s needle-sharp claws while its soft, plump, downy belly nestled just inches away as it pecked sunflower seeds from my palm
  • Salivating upon seeing burlap sacks of raw coffee, a digitally controlled hot air coffee roaster and a Synesso espresso machine at Cellar Door in Healesville
  • Mountain Ash smoked trout from Buxton (coming from someone who generally doesn’t like seafood, this says a lot)
  • Bruno’s sculpture garden, gallery and workshop in Marysville
  • The cherry tart from Marysville Patisserie
  • Wandering around the waterfall
  • Shitake chilli paste from Australian Harvest Fine Foods (especially combined with the semi-matured goaty goodness of Yarra Valley Dairy’s chevre)
  • Feeling my brain and body go limp with relaxation after the first spa bath in, well, a very long time
  • The smoked smallgoods from a virtuoso butcher in Healesville
  • Seeing J have a work-free weekend of relaxation, enough to shift into the sort of headspace where it’s perfectly OK to bring home a bucket of Persian Fetta in olive oil and spices.

Most people return with photos of the places they’ve visited. We return with produce.


October 4th, 2006


You buh-yewty!

(You know who you are)

Can you hear that . . . ? It’s the sound glory makes as you bask in it.