Spin your brain

November 7th, 2007

Is this woman spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Spinning girl - left brain ~ right brain

If you see her as spinning clockwise, it’s supposed to mean you’re right-brain dominant (uses feeling, “big picture” oriented, imagination rules, symbols and images). If you see her spinning anti-clockwise you are supposedly left-brain dominant (uses logic, detail oriented, facts rule,words and language).

Whichever you see, it’s possible to switch to the other, although it’s perhaps telling which direction you perceived straight off.

For me, she was spinning clockwise. Definitely, definitely clockwise. Until she wasn’t.

What about you?

Thanks to the folks at the Herald-Sun for this one.

She who must be portrayed

November 7th, 2007

Links (7 Nov 2007)

November 6th, 2007

Because of the new site design, I have more room for the slowly increasing collection of links. Recent noteworthy additions include the art of pencil sharpening, the museum of scientifically accurate fabric brain art and – my current favourite – anatomically correct and ethnically diverse dolls.

If you prefer something less twisted (not that there’s anything particularly bent about sharpening pencils), you may like Martindale’s reference desk, or perhaps freely useable images from Wikimedia, Clusty the clustering search engine or the information rich Internet resources for Australian journos.

Perfect day for it

November 5th, 2007

J insisted I post this photo. I apologise for imposing such cuteness on your unsuspecting selves.

Rohan Tickell

November 1st, 2007

Perhaps some day Rohan Tickell will Google himself and find his way here. If you’re reading this, Rohan, I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely outstanding, touching portrayal of Jean Valjean in the Melbourne production of Les Misérables at the Princess Theatre around 1989. I don’t know how often, as understudy, you got to perform the role, but it can’t have been that often, so I feel lucky to have caught you. I also saw the late Rob Guest in the role that same season.

Thank you for a truly memorable performance. It was over twenty years ago  but I can still hear your voice.


October 28th, 2007

Style ManualRobskee’s head, nose and fingertips have been buried in the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Administration’s (2002) Style manual for authors, editors and printers, 6th edition, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd. Perhaps not surprisingly, the little nerd has found it absorbing reading, despite its total lack of discussion of coffee or cheese.

Robskee will be reconnecting with the world shortly.

Playing with a new look

September 14th, 2007

My list of links in the sidebar are getting out of control so I’m looking around for a theme that will display everything more pleasingly. Please leave comments about what you think of this new (temporary?) theme layout. It might help me decide which way to go. Look around and let me know.

Almost there

September 4th, 2007

Ok. This should be the last post about Ziggy, at least for a while. I just want to show you all how he’s doing:


As you can see, after just two weeks he’s getting around quite well. Not bad for an old 3/4 dog.

Canine progress report

August 30th, 2007

It’s been a fortnight since Ziggy’s surgery and I’m very happy to report his recovery and rehabilitation is going well. His walking is laboured and it doesn’t take long for him to work up a pant but I think he’s still building up his newly required muscles and is slowly overcoming the deconditioning he has experienced over the last little while.

He was quite depressed post-operatively and is only just turning the corner in that regard. He’s once again food-responsive. This is good because food-responsiveness constitutes a goodly part of his general motivation, if not indeed defining his very personality!

All our friends have been great, checking in with us to ask how the old man is getting on. Ziggy was even brought a lovely, bright pot of tulips, which he brushed aside on his lunge for the chicken wings that came with them.

Good luck Zig

August 15th, 2007

Ziggy’s leg comes off in the morning (Thurs).

Good luck, old fella.

That’s influence

August 11th, 2007